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Berlin Happened Awhile Ago by Billy Potts

Yes, I've been a little slow with the posting so I'm continuing with the update.   I went to they DMY Design Festival in Berlin with Ambassadors of Design - that happened in June. The Handsome team decided to do something a little bit different from usual – we had a tiny bit of funding and about 2 weeks so we made some simple slide projectors out of leftover plastic from a sign maker in Fortress Hill, some lenses from a laboratory glassware shop in Wong Chuk Hang, a few metal rods from a hardware store in To Kwa Wan and some Ikea lamps (Causeway).

We made our own customized slide format!  (Thanks to Elise Bourdeau and Ali Van for helping out with that).  We were hoping for traditional slides from those old school slide projectors but apparently nobody does that anymore.  Ours turned out beautifully.

The exhibition hall was brighter than I had anticipated so we built a tent out of material from taxi seats – thanks to Martin Cheung and Topaz Leung (notice that the main supports are photographic light stands), Amus Leung, Gladys and Janko.

I hung out by the tent and people came over to play with the projectors and ask  about Hong Kong.  Some curious people stayed and chatted for over an hour.  One person said it was like the storyteller's tent they used to have at country fairs.
















Representing by Billy Potts

Joe is still at the wheel of the Handsome Taxi over in Berlin and he's just been flagged down to exhibit at the Creative Ecologies Exhibition. We're parked right next to Freeman Lau, Alan Chan, Michael Young, Danny Fang and G.O.D. The Creative Ecologies exhibition will be open to the general public from 25 March till 9 December, 2011, at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Berlin, at Jägerstrasse 33 (entrance at Oberwallstrasse), in Berlin-Mitte.

Enquiries about the exhibition can be made by calling +49 (0) 30 22 66 77 228.


A Familiar Car at Tung Chow Sofa by Billy Potts

I was down at Tung Chow Sofa to pick up seat covers and admiring all the cars in the garages (like the Roller pictured below) when I noticed a very familiar car being re-upholstered by Mr. Ng- familiar in the sense that It was my parents' car! Very pleased to see that their car has been re-upholstered by the pros who do HK's taxi seats :) Mr. Ng of Tung Chow Sofa with my Parents' car

Ascot Chang- Some Seriously Handsome Shirts by Billy Potts

A couple weeks ago I was asked to help out with a video for Ascot Chang, I was happy to do it and it was very easy- smile, get measured, wear nice shirts. What I didn't expect was an order from Tony Chang, himself. Here he is with our new Melanie Messenger, we're making one for him now.

Ascot Chang is a family run business.