Empathy as Practice: Ethics as a Design Tool by Billy Potts

I went over to Poly U to listen to Dr. Sue Thomas' seminar, 'Empathy as Practice: Ethics as a Design Tool'.   Dr. Thomas came all the way from Holmesglen in Melbourne, where she teaches Fashion, Apparel Engineering and Design.   Really glad she came as I enjoyed her talk so much and was happy to see that somebody could articulate some of the things we've been doing so clearly - there is an infographic which I would like to 'borrow'.  I was also surprised to find that Dr. Thomas was using Handsome as a case study for her lecture- thanks Sue! -Billy

From right to left: Me, Dr. Sue Thomas, Ms. Gail Taylor from Poly U and Dr. Anne Peirson-Smith from City U

At the Kowloon Taxi Owner's Association Annual Banquet by Billy Potts

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Kowloon Taxi Owner's Association new year banquet last weekend- it was great fun and kind of cool to see all the different people that make up the industry- drivers, owners, radio dispatchers, advertisers, radio disc jockeys, mechanics etc. etc. We donated a taxi watch to the raffle- I wonder if a taxi driver is now wearing one in a taxi...



And we are back by Billy Potts

Hi all, it's been a while since we posted- feels nice to be back :)  Happy CNY and all the best to everyone. We've been quiet for a reason- new things are happening here and we've actually been working...  What could this mean for Handsome in the year of the Dragon?  I don't know, but we'll soon see- I'm going to treat this as an adventure.

Meanwhile- here is a video which Shue Yan College students, Connie, Zoey and Kwan Kwan made about us making our lamps for Detour.  Enjoy!

Handsome at the BODW Gala Dinner by Billy Potts

Just a couple snap shots from the BODW Gala Dinner that we went to with Julian Chow and Kent Wong from Zixag last week.  Met lots of great up and coming designers and also Dieter Rams!  Awesomeness. Sorry about the grainy pictures- it was dark and I only had my phone



Riot Gear by Billy Potts

It's always nice and surprising to see what uses people find for their bags.  TC Chow from Zixag sent us a photo of himself with our Kevin Messenger Bag in front of all these riot police down in Central- Thanks TC.

Threadless and Handsome by Billy Potts

I met this guy at the Threadless meet up last Thursday.  Thought he was very nice and didn't know who he was until about half an hour later- turns out he was Jake Nickell, founder of Threadless!. He saw my Joyce Book Bag and he proposed a trade.  My Joyce Book Bag for an original Jake Nickell signed drawing which is, in fact, an unreleased design for Threadless. The deal was sealed when he found that the Joyce fits his 15"Mac Book Air like a glove!

A pleasure doing business with you, Jake, and you were a really good sport for giving that bag up to Connie over there.  There will be a Handsome shirt to add to your T-shirt collection coming in the mail.


2 Great Hong Kongers Repping Handsome by Billy Potts

We've really been encouraged recently to see two very different and interesting people rocking our bags.  Each has his own style and each puts the bag to their own unique uses.  Both seem to favour the Melanie Zip Tote.  One is Hong Kong trail running legend and Fireman, KK Chan and the other is Tony Chang, head of Hong Kong's very own Ascot Chang, who make some of the best bespoke shirts (all made in Hung Hom).  Thank you both for supporting Hong Kong design.


Representing by Billy Potts

Joe is still at the wheel of the Handsome Taxi over in Berlin and he's just been flagged down to exhibit at the Creative Ecologies Exhibition. We're parked right next to Freeman Lau, Alan Chan, Michael Young, Danny Fang and G.O.D. The Creative Ecologies exhibition will be open to the general public from 25 March till 9 December, 2011, at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Berlin, at Jägerstrasse 33 (entrance at Oberwallstrasse), in Berlin-Mitte.

Enquiries about the exhibition can be made by calling +49 (0) 30 22 66 77 228.


A Familiar Car at Tung Chow Sofa by Billy Potts

I was down at Tung Chow Sofa to pick up seat covers and admiring all the cars in the garages (like the Roller pictured below) when I noticed a very familiar car being re-upholstered by Mr. Ng- familiar in the sense that It was my parents' car! Very pleased to see that their car has been re-upholstered by the pros who do HK's taxi seats :) Mr. Ng of Tung Chow Sofa with my Parents' car

Ascot Chang- Some Seriously Handsome Shirts by Billy Potts

A couple weeks ago I was asked to help out with a video for Ascot Chang, I was happy to do it and it was very easy- smile, get measured, wear nice shirts. What I didn't expect was an order from Tony Chang, himself. Here he is with our new Melanie Messenger, we're making one for him now.

Ascot Chang is a family run business.

Mystery of the Coins by Billy Potts

I was cutting seats the other day while listening to David Attenborough and all of a sudden three coins fell out of the seat. Someone had deliberately sewn them, in a straight line, into the lining of the seat - the interesting thing was that there was one coin from each place in the Pearl River Delta area - 1 Macanese Pataca, 1 Hong Kong Dollar and 1 RMB. Can anyone explain?

New Wheelchair accessible Taxi Launched in Hong Kong by Billy Potts

We are really pleased to be blogging about Diamond Cab, Hong Kong's first wheelchair accessible taxis. If you have not visited their website, then check them out . Diamond Cab's call center is managing pre-bookings starting from 24 January - Today! Highest priority to Wheelchair users, of course.

Looking forward to seeing these cabs on the road soon!