Empathy as Practice: Ethics as a Design Tool by Billy Potts

I went over to Poly U to listen to Dr. Sue Thomas' seminar, 'Empathy as Practice: Ethics as a Design Tool'.   Dr. Thomas came all the way from Holmesglen in Melbourne, where she teaches Fashion, Apparel Engineering and Design.   Really glad she came as I enjoyed her talk so much and was happy to see that somebody could articulate some of the things we've been doing so clearly - there is an infographic which I would like to 'borrow'.  I was also surprised to find that Dr. Thomas was using Handsome as a case study for her lecture- thanks Sue! -Billy

From right to left: Me, Dr. Sue Thomas, Ms. Gail Taylor from Poly U and Dr. Anne Peirson-Smith from City U

Eureka Design and G.U.M. in Perspective by Billy Potts

Our friends, Annette Chu, Joey Man, Philip Heung and Raymond Leung, are featured in Perspective magazine this month.    This bicycle shop was designed by Annette and Ray and we collaborated with Philip and Joey on a folding bicycle last year- there is a small photo of the bike in the article.

At the Kowloon Taxi Owner's Association Annual Banquet by Billy Potts

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Kowloon Taxi Owner's Association new year banquet last weekend- it was great fun and kind of cool to see all the different people that make up the industry- drivers, owners, radio dispatchers, advertisers, radio disc jockeys, mechanics etc. etc. We donated a taxi watch to the raffle- I wonder if a taxi driver is now wearing one in a taxi...



The Ng Family from Tung Chow Sofa by Billy Potts

This morning we filmed two interviews with two separate film crews at the same time- one with Dim Sum TV from Taiwan and one with the Shue Yan College film students. We got the chance to interview Mr. and Mrs. Ng (not Joseph's parents), who run Tung Chow Sofa with their son.  It is from this little family business that we get many of our taxi seats.  They gave us our first seat covers and without their support and patience there would be no Handsome Bag Co. and therefore no Handsome.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Ng.

SCMP Style Magazine by Billy Potts

Thanks to Frances Moxon for featuring us among many other Asian designers in this month's Style Magazine.  I'm still hunting around for a copy of my own so if anybody has one to spare I would gladly exchange it for a coffee.


i Cable TV Interview by Billy Potts

Managed to find the link for our interview with Cable TV !   Click on the photo that Billy took through the cameraman's lens for the interview - our bit starts at around 4'52". Big thanks to Edith and her cameraman!