Panels and Talks

Lecture at HKDI -23/05/11 by Billy Potts

Had the great pleasure of being invited to Hong Kong Design Institute to lecture on the business of design and local production. Slightly hampered by lecturing in a 3rd language (had to switch to English to explain 'Production Possibility Frontier') but on the whole it went well.

The Busy Weekend- MaD and TEDx by Billy Potts

Incredibly busy weekend- so busy that we've only now had the opportunity to blog about it. Hot on the heels of doing MaD Pecha Kucha in Guangzhou, Handsome has been at MaD's Social Enterprise Summit and TEDx Youth Day. Joe managed to hobble on stage to foot-stamping and applause after completing Trailwalker in 27.5 hours and Billy handled TEDx fresh from supporting Joe's team out at Tai Mo Shan early that morning. Two fantastic events, we're happy and honoured to have been invited.

MAD Pecha Kucha - Road Trip to Guangzhou 8/11/10 by Billy Potts

Joe and I took the day out on Sunday to take a road trip up to Guangzhou to speak at MaD PechaKucha @ Guangzhou. Check them out here. Got some nice feedback and some nice photos too, actually the bit about the dodgy Cantonese is a bit embarrassing but I was under pressure!:

@棉布番薯 最喜欢Joseph跟Billy.一个阳光不造做.一个温柔很真诚.因为自己喜欢做手工.所以听到俊记的故事也就特别留意他们.启发跟激励满大的.作为一个学生.比他们有更多的空闲时间.我还有什么借口一直拖延很久很久之前就想要去做的事.

@cjh127 一个PKNXmad活动,认识了6位设计师,分享了6个设计创意故事!最喜欢的讲者是可爱的Billy,喜欢他那操着一口不太流利的粤语的模样还有他的不give up!

@菜衍青:昨天参加了一场激动人心的PKNxMaD。无论是PKN亦或是MaD,它们每一次都能够让充满梦想的年青人热血沸腾,台上的讲者们向我们展现了改变世界的无限种可能性。印象最深刻的是Joseph和Billy的“Handsome Bag”,在通过废物升级改造成时尚品的同时,为香港妇女提供工作机会。社会创新是这个时代给予年轻人的巨大舞台,我们都应该站上去。

HKSEC 2010 Social Entrepreneur by Billy Potts

Joseph will be speaking on a panel at the HK Social Entrepreneur Challenge at Chinese University on August 28th- should be good!

Date: August 28, 2010 (Sat) Time: 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Venue: LT 5, Teaching Building at Chak Cheung Street, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T. (Map)

Language: English