Handsome Co. works in the the fields of product design, branding, service design and design strategy. We emphasise storytelling in delivering product and brand experiences behind every project.  Whether in retail, culture or commerce, attraction and engagement form the core of our approach to creating impact with whatever we are working on. 

Based in Hong Kong, we take an international approach in terms of outlook and philosophy while maintaining detailed local knowledge of culture, customs and practice.

We work with a specialised team in a collaborative culture adapting to the needs of each project.

Product Design

We celebrate the understated beauty in ordinary objects. Each of our designs is a seamless integration of function, craft, and an unembellished presentation of materials.

We approach design in a straightforward and utilitarian manner and are inspired by local heritage and humble materials. We do not exaggerate or conceal their nature; we restrict the use of substances that will have a significant impact on people or the environment and reduce waste by standardising modules, minimising packaging and, where possible, using waste materials. we emphasize elements which are simultaneously ubiquitous and invisible. We find a certain spare elegance in this.

The intentional restraint and unembellished minimalism of our work brings details to the forefront. We feel that highly functional objects have beauty in their own right. This is a study in appropriating commonplace industrial design and reframing it to elevate the functionally mundane to the sublime.

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Advertising and Production

We pride ourselves on creating innovative campaigns with original creative work and well implemented production but we also recognise the need to integrate ideas within the context of our clients’ companies and the visions they have.

Having worked with clients ranging from large multinationals to local family businesses we guide you through the process of finding a distinctive voice that works well for you - the right voice for the right client. If youre a high octane brand, like Red Bull, that voice may be a tricyle mounted projector based guerilla campaign bringing your new extreme sports exhibition right to the streets. If you're a multi generational famiy business with rich history, like Ascot Chang, that voice might be a subtle blend of tradition and modernism. You may even find that your voice involves a pop up shower for bikini clad models right in the middle of town as it was for P&G's Aussie shampoo. Who knows? Regardless, it's all about finding the right voice for the right client and we'll help you all the way.

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Branding, Service Design, Strategy

Branding is so much more than creating a pretty logo - we want to create experiences and stories that are told through everything a company puts out into the world; Beyond that we want to organize people, infrastructure and communication to improve consistency and customer interaction to make sure that the promises made by the brands that we created can be kept because nothing saddens us more than seeing the brands we make fall short. That's not what we are about. We are about going beyond the superficiality of a brand image to create culture.

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Documentation and Research

Stories are important to us. We love hearing them and finding out what makes people and businesses tick. Interestingly, the people with the best stories often don't think they're worth telling or preserving until there's nothing left to preserve. Because of this, in our branding and strategy work the first step is usually to get that story down and to save as much material as possible. We've literally crawled through dank / dusty 'storage rooms' to fish out documents and photographs. We've personally steamed photographs from the 50s off of glass because they've become so stuck to their frames. Documentation and research are integral to every project especially when revitalizing local classics, which is a specialty of ours; we've turned what we learned and found into beautiful films and methodically recorded and organized histories and timelines for our clients. Stories are the basis of everything we do and this is why we feel it important to document.

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