Documentation and Research

Stories are important to us. We love hearing them and finding out what makes people and businesses tick. Interestingly, the people with the best stories often don't think they're worth telling or preserving until there's nothing left to preserve. Because of this, in our branding and strategy work the first step is usually to get that story down and to save as much material as possible. We've interviewed clients comprehensively. We've literally crawled through dank / dusty 'storage rooms' to fish out documents and photographs. We've personally steamed photographs from the 50s off their glass frames because they've become so stuck. Documentation and research are integral to every project especially when revitalizing local classics, which is a specialty of ours; we've turned what we learned and found into beautiful films and books and methodically recorded and organized histories and timelines for our clients. Stories are the basis of everything we do and this is why we feel it so important to document.


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