THE Other hundred


The Other Hundred is a unique not-for-profit photo-book initiated by the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) aimed at providing a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today's most important issues. It is an attempt to introduce readers to the vast majority of people, ideas, places and cultures in order to accurately reflect the experiences of most people around the world.

Through an annual series of books, each focusing on a particular issue or subject, The Other Hundred provides an alternative and refreshing view on everything from people and their homes to performers, chefs and authors.

We were asked to organize, design and build the inaugeral Other Hundred book launch event in Pacific place. We also designed. the Other Hundred's website.

  • The Other Hundred is a photography book that is released annually
  • We had to design a website that could adapt from year to year despite changing themes of the book
  • We were also asked to design the innaugeral launch exhibition in Pacific Place


We designed a site that would act as a means to call for photo submissions for an upcoming year and new theme and then serve to promote a book and publicise events. In doing this we had to consider the ever changing themes and how this would influence the look and layout of the site in the future.

For the inaugeral launch event for the first Other Hundred book, we worked with GIFT to design an exhibition layout and coordinated with Pacific Place to ensure that installation went smoothly and according to schedule.

  • Site designed to suit dual purposes of accepting photo submissions and publicising the book
  • Coordinate with Pacific Place to set up a succesul launch exhibition


The launch of The Other Hundred was a success and the book is now in its third edition. This first launch has been followed by many successful events and exhibitions all over the world.