taxi chair


This was one of our first projects and a precursor to our series of taxi inspired work. We were inspired by the Tai Hang neighbourhood which has a small industry catering to taxis - mechanics, paintshops, upholsterers, used parts traders etc. We wanted to see if we could construct a piece of furniture using these local businesses in the Tai Hang area.

  • Build a lounge chair from only scrap taxi parts and locally sourced steel
  • Chair to be exhibited internationally to represent Hong Kong.


Finding a shop selling parts from scrapped taxis we bought a driver seat for HKD50. We had to use steel bent in Mong Kok in order to fabricate a frame but all other parts were found in Tai Hang including the traditional beaded seat cover and the hand finished paint work that was done in the same Tai Hang autobody shop used by taxi owners to give the chair the same distinctive red paintwork.

  • Use local businesses to fabricate our design
  • Engage autobody shop for taxis to give the chair its distinctive taxi red
  • Exhibit in Berlin and Hong Kong. Chair is not part of the Polytechnic University School of Design's permanent collection.


The chair launched our design consultancy business and has been exhibited in Hong Kong, China and Berlin. It formed part of an exhibition showcasing Hong Kong design. The original Taxi Chair is now housed in the Polytechic University of Hong Kong's permanent collection at the School of Design's Innovation Tower.