procter & gamble


As a part of an extensive rethink and strategy piece for Procter & Gamble, Handsome was given the task of bringing Aussie haircare products to Asia.

  • Launch Procter & Gamble's 'Aussie' shampoo in Hong Kong as a springboard to launching in the rest of Asia
  • Formulate a strategy encompassing 'pre-seeding', 'seeding', 'launch' and 'sustain' phases
  • Adapt and localize a very European brand with a distinctive tone to the Hong Kong and ultimately Asian market


Aussie is part of P&G's developing portfolio of 'mass prestige' products and its launch in Hong Kong would serve as a springboard for its release in the rest of Asia. We developed a 360 degree launch plan split into 'pre-seeding', 'seeding' and 'launch' stages. This included strategies to engage key opinion leaders, the creation of interactive visual merchandising displays, and adapting the brand for Asian markets. This was to culminate in a live activation for launch in the form an unconventional pop up (see below).

  • Create a comprehensive launch plans leveraging key opinion leaders
  • Design unique interactive in-store displays
  • Succesfully pitch these displays to Mannings and Watsons
  • Design pop up events for launch


The plan was presented to and largely accepted by P&G's Greater China division. Our interactive display design was adopted and implemented across Mannings and Watsons pharmacies over the whole of Hong Kong. Handsome was instrumental in pitching this concept to Mannings and Watsons and it marked leap in innovation and an industry first for a conservative market which hadn't permitted the use of such displays at that point.

  • Launch plan largely adopted and implemented
  • Interactive in-store displays implemented in Mannings and Watsons - a first for Hong Kong