homeless world cup


The Hong Kong Homeless Football league was forme in 2005 by a group of social workers, soccer coaches and social entrepreneurs from the Society of Community Organization & Wofoo Social Enterprises of Hong Kong. Since then the Hong Kong Team has appeared in Homeless World Cup tournaments in the UK, Poland and Chile.

We were asked, as a part of a CSR initiative, to make a promotional video that easily explained and showed Homeless Football at its best with a view to gaining support from prospective sponsors and donors.

  • Create a short video as a quick overview / elevator pitch for Homeless football to potential donors and supporters.
  • Get across meaning and message in a short time communicating in a visually and emotionally appealing manner


Over the course three months we followed the Hong Kong team on the road to the 2015 Homeless World Cup, to be held in Amsterdam. This video shows the development of the team from rookies to a cohesive team.

  • Follow and get to know homeless football players who opened up about their experiences
  • Watch the players develop from the first day of practice to full on games
  • Create a short video that tells these stories effectively and sympathetically


This video now forms a key part of the Hong Kong Homeless Football league's marketing and serves to quickly explain the project's mission and underlying ethos.

As of 2013 the Hong Kong team was ranked 37th among 46 national teams. 90% of players who have been through the program have managed to leave homelessness and build lives, finding jobs, homes and reconnecting with family.