dmy projector


We were invited to build an installation for the Hong Kong pavilion at DMY in Berlin. As ambassadors for Hong Kong I decided to create a fun lo-fi way to give people a virtual tour of our home.


We built simple slide projectors out of acrylic advertising signboard, lenses from magnifying glasses, steel rods and bedside lamps. The slides were taken from my own instagram account.

We erected a tent around the projectors and people would come in, flip through the slides and ask questions about what they were seeing.

  • Design and build a set of projectors that give a virtual tour of Hong Kong and its culture
  • Invite people to go through slides in the projector and to ask questions and engage in conversation / debate


This fun interactive installation was an excellent catalyst for conversation about life, design, Asia and all sorts of other topics. It even started a lively debate about whether Asian design was helped or hindered by referencing its past. We feel this fully answered the brief of being an Ambassador for Hong Kong, its design and culture.