Dior called on us to develop visual merchandising concepts for their Miss Dior line of perfume to be proposed to DFS. Dior was aiming to create a store display that would stand out from what they had been previously granted permission to do - a tough proposition given DFS's strict design guidelines as well as Dior's own stringent brand guidelines. Given the challenging nature of this project, we were asked to propose a range of 'stretch' ideas as well as more conventional ones which could be easily accepted.

  • Engaged by Dior to create visual merchandising that stands out from the conservative industry norm
  • Instructed to create both stretch and basic designs


Working off Dior's 'Blooming Bouquet' dress and 'Avenue Montaigne stairs' motifs. We created three design directions the most ambitious of which would have incorporated a physical version of the flowering dress as well as holograms. A conservative option was also created in order to meet the usual requirements set by DFS.

  • Interpret both Dior and DFS' strict brand guidelines to see where more conceptual designs can be pushed
  • Incorporate core characteristics of the brand while leveraging technology which was unusual in the market at that time


The development of these concepts were a valuable exercise in exploring the possibilities and boundaries in pushing the envelope and creating compelling and unusual visual merchandising within a traditionally conservative space.