Prototype #2 and the Carbon Reduction Campaign Fair / by Billy Potts

We were kindly invited, by the Climate Group, to show our bag at the closing fair for their Carbon Reduction Campaign at Chater Gardens last week.  We finished prototype #2 just in time for the show.    This bag was fabricated at the Hong Kong Women Workers Association and they really did a great job on it.  I think we've made many improvements on the second try- the bag is larger and more useable, with better details and a much better lining.  Scrapped taxi seatbelts were used for the shoulder straps and we've tried to keep some of the original features.  I've saved buckles for clasps for future prototypes.  More coming soon!

Prototype #2 complete with original taxi seatbelt shoulder straps

Better lining- red to mimic a taxi, of course.

Subtle details leftover from days as part of car.

Temporary use for all the buckles

Showing off our prototype #2 to curious passersby