New Home at the Commune / by Billy Potts

We had our opening party at the Zixag Commune on Saturday- it was great to see some of you there.  Favourite part of the day was the audience's sigh of relief when I switched from English back into Canto for the presentation :D  (Kent's idea to start off in English).  Other highlights include HK trail running legend KK Chan buying a Melanie Messenger bag- now Handsome will be all the rage on the mountains.  Also had a good conversation with Luisa Mok re what constitutes environmentally friendly design. Thanks to Jeff and Kit for helping to get everything together and to Jess, Athena, Yat, Davey, Eudora, Joey, Keting and Andey for coming to support.  Big thanks to Julian, TC and Kent for making this possible- we're really going to enjoy our time working here.