artifact lamp


This lighting installation was created for Detour 2011, in the then empty Police Married Quarters. We were given the themes, ‘Useless / Use Less’ and ‘East West / 東西’ (a play on words since the word ‘object’ literally means ‘East West’ in Chinese).

  • Create a lighting istallation for Detour 2011
  • Apply the theme of 'Use Less' and 'East West'


We took the ubiquitous shape of a taxi roof lamp and re-interpreted it as an artifact that reflects something of Hong Kong’s culture. This form had to be anonymously design by someone with great care and attention to detail even though in practice, it has become disposable and ignored.

  • Interpret the common Hong Kong taxi roof lamp as an artifact
  • Commentry on appreciation of commonplace items rather than taking them for granted
  • Make them into something 'precious' or 'valuable' rather than disposable.


With this project we aimed to re-examine the form and to find new appreciation in it. Visitors were encouraged to rethink the lamp and to take them, free of charge, as long as they put them to good use.