our story

Handsome Co. was founded, in 2009, as 俊記: The Handsome Bag Company.  We began as an award winning social enterprise, designing objects from discarded parts of old Hong Kong taxis.  Today we are a design consultancy that creates compelling brands, experiences and objects.

For us, the story comes first.  We make sure it integrates seamlessly with function, form and technology no matter what we are doing.  We celebrate an aesthetic of understated beauty in even ordinary things - everything has a story to it.  This is a study in reframing objects and brands and elevating them to the sublime.

We are inspired by local culture and heritage but maintain an international perspective, striving for nuanced, creative presentation of stories and ideas. 

In everything that we do we believe in an honest, pragmatic approach to design where quality and utility are intrinsic.

Billy Potts