red bull


We've been creating Red Bull Hong Kong's advertising for several years. This means everything including posters, print ads, guerilla activations and, of course, their signature cartoons. We've adapted Red Bull's unmistakeable brand personality for Hong Kong and in exchange Hong Kong has imbued Red Bull with its distinctive personality.

  • Design and produce all Red Bull Hong Kong advertising on ongoing basis
  • Adapt Red Bull's distinctive brand to the local market
  • Manage this within constraints of annual budgets
  • Advertising support in the form of traditional and guerilla marketing for events that attract crowds of up to 40,000
  • Advertising support for on premise marketing and sales


We've become adept at applying Red Bull's distinctively style to Hong Kong's unique culture. We've created original content for numerous different Red Bull events over the years and each presents a unique challenge.

  • Consistently develop and execute original advertising concepts
  • Work closely with Red Bull HQ to stay on brand with a strict system of brand management
  • Work to tight deadlines to consistently produce work of a high standard across many types of media


In a very short time Red Bull has become an extremely well known brand within Hong Kong. Its events command huge media attention and often attract 10s of thousands of spectators. We have slowly built the Red Bull's business and reputation in Hong Kong and are proud to have grown along with them.

  • Brand has become widely recognized and highly regarded in a short time
  • Events command high attendance rates and plenty of media attention
  • Red Bull's business and reputation continue to grow in Hong Kong