Typhoon Kite

Getting the Wood Cut by Billy Potts

One of the biggest problems I've faced is getting the wood we collected cut in to manageable planks. Most wood mills won't take small jobs like this and some are concerned about AFCD inspectors. After lots of searching, I finally found a wood mill that was willing to help me out. Here we are getting the logs cut in to planks with a gigantic band saw:






Typhoon Kites: A New Project by Billy Potts

In July 2012 a tree in Causeway Bay blew over during Typhoon Vicente.  The LCSD had cut it up into pieces when we found it so we took a few and left them to dry until May this year.  I've finally decided what to do with some of that wood - I'm going to make kite winders out of them - I couldn't think of anything more fitting for a tree that blew over in a typhoon.  I'm going to track this project here and I think it's going to be really interesting to see how this goes (I have no idea if this will work or not). Here's what the wood looked like:



This was the tree before it blew down:

Tree Photo 2


You might be able to see from the tabs I had open that I was trying to find outTree Photo 2 what kind of tree it was so I was trying to reach the Leisure and Cultural Services Department- they got back to me and turns out the tree was Senagal Mahogany!

Handsome Co Mail - What species of tree which fell near 31 Sugar Street on 23 July (Case Ref_ 1-372975077)